Add meaning and beauty to your spaces and dining experience..


Every Bolek Designs piece adds meaning and beauty to your spaces and dining experience.

Discover unique, handcrafted pieces that elevate your everyday moments. From essential kitchen elements to captivating decorative art, our creations are crafted with care and dedication.


Functional Beauty.

Elevate Your Space. Beyond functionality, our pieces become cherished focal points in your home.

Cherished materials with dedication

Material Matters.

Consciously chosen materials like lead-free pewter, Tagua seeds, and Huayruro seeds contribute to sustainability.

Tagua Seeds: Also known as vegetable ivory, Tagua seeds come from the Tagua palm tree. Native to the rainforests of Ecuador and South America, they offer a sustainable alternative to animal ivory, supporting wildlife conservation.


Huayruro Seeds: Symbolizing good fortune in ancient civilizations, Huayruro seeds add a meaningful touch to our creations, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and positive energy.

At the heart of Bolek Designs lies the vision of a remarkable artist and artisan, Jeannette Bolek.

At the heart of Bolek Designs lies the vision of a remarkable artist and artisan, Jeannette Bolek. With her origins rooted in the rich artisan traditions of Ecuador, Jeannette embarked on a journey that took her across borders, honing her skills in Colombia, and eventually led her to create an enchanting fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art.

The name “Bolek” holds a special significance. It means “greater” and is a cherished family name passed down from Jeannette’s father, an immigrant who made his way to Ecuador from the Czech Republic. This heritage serves as a constant reminder of the resilience and determination that runs through her veins.

Jeannette’s artistic journey also led her to the United States, where she spent several years studying, expanding her horizons, and enriching her creative perspective. These diverse experiences have contributed to the unique blend of cultural influences that define her work.

Jeannette’s path is through the power of art and the resilience of an artist’s spirit. Her studies in Art and History of Art at Javeriana University in Colombia provided her with a diverse artistic palette.

As Jeannette went back to her native Ecuador, she harnessed her passion for materials like pewter, huayruro seeds, tagua, ceramic, and glass, transforming them into unique, utilitarian, and decorative art pieces that capture the essence of her artistic heritage.

The hallmark of Bolek Designs is the marriage of artistic expression with everyday functionality. Jeannette’s creations serve as both utilitarian tools and pieces of art. They bring the soul of Ecuadorian craftsmanship to households around the world, offering a tangible connection to the traditions and aesthetics of her homeland.

Jeannette’s artistry has not remained confined to a singular locale; her work has graced exhibitions and showcases across the globe. Her distinctive fused glass pieces, in particular, have garnered admiration and are now sought after by art lovers and connoisseurs. Each piece, a manifestation of precision and passion, embodies a unique story and narrative, creating bespoke artworks that find their place in the hearts of those who appreciate the intersection of art and functionality or a snapshot of Andean culture mixed with the contemporary.

Bolek Designs headquarters are located in Jeannette’s workshop at a place close to her heart: Ecuador, and from there, she crafts her art pieces to the world.